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Order contract

Seller: Tangshan Meikeduo Food Co., Ltd. Order                                Number: 

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After negotiation between the seller  the buyer, an order contract is signed, the content is as follows:

1. Product name  quantity

NameSpecificationNumber / Box)Unit price (CFR Tokyo)Total value


3. Export port: Tianjin Xingang.

4. Port of Arrival: 

5. Overfill  short packaging: 5% increase  decrease in the number of boxes allowed.

6: Insurance: the buyer is responsible


(1) The plate making fee  packaging bag payment shall be paid by the seller. The buyer guarantees that all the bags will be used up.

(2) Delivery time: 

(3)Payment method: After the seller sends a bill of lading to the buyer, the buyer will pay the seller the full payment by wire transfer at one time.

(4)Objections  claims for quality, quantity,  weight: After the goods arrive at the destination port, if the buyer finds that the quality  quantity/weight of the goods are  in conformity with the contract provisions, in addition to the responsibility of the shipping company, the buyer can issue a certificate issued by the inspection agency agreed by both parties. The inspection certificate raised an objection to the seller. Quality objections must be filed within 30 days  the date the goods arrive at the destination port,  quantity/weight objections must be filed within 15 days  the date the goods arrive at the destination port. The seller shall reply to the buyer within 30 days after receiving the objection.

(5)Human force majeure: Due to the force majeure accident, the seller is  responsible for the seller’s failure to deliver  fail to deliver the goods within the time limit specified in the contract. But the seller must notify the buyer by telegram. If requested by the buyer, the seller shall provide the buyer by registered letter with the certification documents issued by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade  related agencies.

(6)Arbitration: All disputes arising  the execution of this contract  related matters shall be settled by both parties through friendly negotiation. If an agreement cannot be obtained, it shall be submitted to the Beijing Arbitration Commission for arbitration. The arbitration decision is final  equally binding on both parties. Unless the arbitration institution decides otherwise, the arbitration fee shall be borne by the losing party.

(7)This contract will be in duplicate, each of which is held by the buyer  seller,  it will take effect after being signed  sealed by both parties.


Note: The fax  the original have the same effect.


Seller: Tangshan Meikeduo Food Co., Ltd.                      Buyer: