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Tangshan Meikeduo Food Co., Ltd.

Address: Baozidian Town, Zunhua City, Hebei Province

Phone: 0315-6925878

Email: gjmy@meikeduo.com


Fax: (+86) 0315-6924638

Affection is the basis for retaining talents. Meikeduo abides by the people-oriented philosophy, gives careful meticulous humanistic care to employees, cares for employees’ families in many ways. Through various activities, measures systems, it creates a harmonious homely team. Atmosphere; respect for the independent choice of talents, whether to stay leave, maintain a long-term relationship, actively listen to the opinions of employees, solve practical problems, let retired employees give full play to their residual heat, make non-local employees feel caring. Career is the foundation of talent creation. Meikeduo has a clear development direction bright development prospects. It provides talents with a career platform a broad development space that exceed personal abilities, realizes the rapid growth of talents through burdens; Meikeduo provides A fair just competition atmosphere multiple channels for talent discovery. Salary is the basis for attracting talents. Meikeduo insists on attracting talents with competitive salaries. It only provides salary, benefits treatment, but also provides a superior modern working environment with complete facilities a beautiful living environment.