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Tangshan Meikeduo Food Co., Ltd.

Address: Baozidian Town, Zunhua City, Hebei Province

Phone: 0315-6925878

Email: gjmy@meikeduo.com


Fax: (+86) 0315-6924638

In 2011, Meikeduo Group registered the “Meikeduo” trademark in the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry Commerce, became the legal owner of the trademark. In order to improve product popularity reputation, the company has hired a famous movie star as a brand image spokesperson, established a beautiful bright image of Meikeduo, expanded the brand's popularity influence. Make full use of multimedia to create a multi-brand effect of Meikeduo, so that many brands of Meikeduo quickly increase.

A person holding the sun is a symbol of the prosperity  prosperity of Meikeduo.


The upper part is in the shape of a canopy  vegetable, which symbolizes that all the ingredients of Meikeduo food are  the green  safe pastoral; the meaning of the three words for Meikeduo in the lower half is: beauty, which means beautiful,  the product is ready. There are more guests.